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Heliciculture Certifie

Héliciculture certifié is a program that gives our customers the assurance they need for a reliable snail production and the tracking of their source.

It answers two crucial and constant customers’ questions for the production of snails:

  • Where do they come from?
    Héliciculture certifié is an online surveillance, control and trace tracking program for any snail, from the moment they are born until they reach the end consumer. It applies a series of surveillance and control criteria in order to achieve both quality and safety assurance.
  • How have they been produced?
    A number of compliance criteria, usual good agricultural practices (GAP), safety criteria, environmental and social parameters are responsible for the production methodology and the efficient farming management.

Ηéliciculture certifié, , is an innovative control and certification program setting the standards of the Mediterranean snails in every production and process stage. It also assures that the end product will be a tasteful experience while at the same time it complies with the strictest legislation regarding the food production in both Europe and America.

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