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  • Many years of scientific specialization and experience towards a unique goal…
    the course of a group of young scientists began in 1992, when they decided to specialize in snail breeding and get involved professionally in this sector establishing a new field of animal production in Greece.
  • The implementation…
    In 1998 they set up the first snail spawn production unit and snail fattening unit and by 2003 they had established the productive model of intensive snail breeding that complies with the Greek/Mediterranean climate conditions.
  • The evolution…
    the nethouse (including its internal structure and corresponding equipment) as we all know it today in Greece, is the outcome of this effort.
  • The production of Helix Aspersa snail…
    fifteen years of intensive crossbreedings created our snail that responds perfectly to breeding conditions, has tender, rich, light-coloured meat with uniform and strong flavour and shiny shell.
  • The establishment of Mediterranean Escargots Ltd. …
    a company that assures the conditions of snail breeding according to the quality, safety and reliability in each and every production stage while investing continuously in research, development and extroversion.

For more than twenty years now, its founders remain loyal to producing a high quality product.

Mediterranean Escargots Ltd. has created an innovative organization model in the sector of snail breeding.

We rear the Helix Aspersa snail always maintaining our philosophy for the production of high quality snails under strict safety and hygiene controls.

We possess the knowledge, the scientific specialization, the innovation and the long-term experience.

Our production philosophy creates new generation standardized snail products, satisfying even the most demanding consumers.

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