Mediterranean Escargots

Through a 23-year old journey, Mediterranean Escargots has developed a reliable and effective model for the production of snails of high gastronomic value and special quality characteristics.

The Mediterranean Snail boasts a tender meat of delicate color and a fine and rich taste. It is a highly nutritional product, rich in protein, collagen, iron and Omega 3 fatty acids Mediterranean Escargots, following both traditional and modern recipes, has been creating a new generation of snail products, able to cater to the taste and needs of even the most demanding customer.


Many years of scientific specialization

We aim to serve the needs of the end consumer and customer by providing snail characteristic of the highest quality and taste. The course of a group of young scientists began in 1992, when they decided to specialize in snail breeding and get involved professionally in this sector by establishing a new field of animal production in Greece.


Snail fattening

In 1998, they set up the first snail spawn production unit and snail fattening unit and by 2003 they had established the productive model of intensive snail breeding that complies with the Greek/Mediterranean climate conditions.


The production

the nethouse (including its internal structure and corresponding equipment) as we all know it today in Greece, is the outcome of this effort. The production of Cornu aspersum snail…


Mediterranean Cornu aspersum

Fifteen years of intensive cross breeding created our snail that responds perfectly to breeding conditions, has tender, rich, light-coloured meat with uniform and strong flavor and shiny shell.


The establishment of Mediterranean Escargots

A company that assures the conditions of snail breeding according to the quality, safety and reliability in each and every production stage while investing continuously in research, development and extroversion.